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The production process that began in 1993 has maintained till today by being constantly improved. The production which had started with grape molasses in the first years has expanded with jam, halva, Turkish Delight, hazelnut cream with cocoa and sesame oil.

The company was performing production only in Konya and Bursa during the very first years after establishment however now achieved to become a corporate brand both with the regional directorates and with several dealers around Turkey.

The production was made in Konya starting from the establishment until the first half of year 2010. After the first half of the year 2010, through the structural changes the production site was carried to Bursa together with all production innovations.

We are carrying on contributing to the national economy from Bursa with the renewed structure, new production center and improving quality approach.

ŞENER HELVA, which presents our traditional tastes to the taste of the world, combines the slogan of “Eat Quality” which is an integral value of the brand with technology, knowledge and innovation at every stage of production. ŞENER HELVA which has all production, machinery and equipments with its latest technology, increases production capacity and product quality and brings together new flavors with halvah, tahini, molasses, jam, Turkish delight and traditional Turkish desserts as well as ARGE units.

Quality and Business Leadership Award

Consumer Quality Award 2009

Golden Man Award

EU Quality Award 2009


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